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Spreadsheet Basics

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Learning about Excel


Activity 1: Learning about spreadsheets> Use the video to help identify important vocabulary.

Click  THIS LINK to download and view the NAVIGATING EXCEL video 


Activity 2:  Navigating through a spreadsheet>  Use the link below to learn about what a spreadsheet looks like and certain parts of a spreadsheet. Scroll down and use the web page-- find the heading   THE EXCEL INTERFACE  for this activity **use all 8 pages of the WEB PAGE

***You do not have to do the "Challenge" question on page 8 of the web page



Activity 3:  Now you will learn the basics of creating a spread sheet by typing in cells, copy/pasting to cells, and filling cells.  Watch the video below.  **please note, any new vocabulary terms that you hear, add them to your vocabulary worksheet.

Click here for the video:  CELL BASICS

**if your computer will not open the video that is linked above, try THIS LINK as another option

After watching the video, use the graphics on the web page labeled THE CELL  to help you find more of the vocabulary/terms.



Activity 4: Use the web sites to find any other missing terms from your vocabulary list.>





Activity 5: Label the parts of a spreadsheet on the back of your vocabulary list


This is the end of Part 1




Creating a Spreadsheet in ExceL


Activity 6:  Use the link to the wikiHow resource and follow all of the directions to create a basic spreadsheet with a formula.  You will use the Excel program on your computer and the instructions that are posted on  WIKIHOW.  Save your spreadsheet to your H-Drive as....WikihowSS


Activity 7:  Now, practice entering data into cells by following Steps 1-4 on pages 2-3 of the Excel It! book 

(link to pages:  Page 2    Page 3)



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