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Lesson 3

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Step 1)


Digital Life 101


Digital media and traditional media (such as TV and radio)

  • Digital media generally allows people opportunities for interactive communication —
    • for creation and self-expression.
    • Instant messaging, for instance, is more “two-way,” because people are talking with one another.
    • Innovations in digital media enable us to create, share, and communicate in addition to consuming media.


  • Media such as TV and radio are generally more “one-way,” because people generally do not interact with one another through these technologies. 



What are examples of things you do with one-way media, such as TVs or radios?

 • Watch TV

• Listen to the radio


What are some of the ways people communicate with or share with others over digital media? 

• Go on social networks

• Text

• Talk in virtual worlds

• Blog

• Upload videos and photos

• Play multiplayer games 


Step 2) WATCH THIS VIDEO:  https://d1pmarobgdhgjx.cloudfront.net/education/ED_digital-life.mp4



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